"Spotify" apribos man naudojimąsi programa

Mane į "Spotify" užregistravo Karolis ir nebuvo jokių problemų, kol negavau šio laiško:

Dear Spotify user,

We're writing to you in regards to your Spotify account which up
until now you've been using free of charge. While we are really
happy that you are enthusiastically using Spotify, we are
unfortunately going to have to restrict access to your free

Spotify is currently available in six countries: Sweden, Norway,
Finland, Spain, France and the UK. We never intended to allow
use of our service outside of those countries and we do not run
any adverts on your account like we do in the launch countries.
For this reason we have to restrict your account, you will be
able to log in to Spotify and view music and playlists but not
listen to any music.

We are sorry that we have to take this step. We do hope to
launch our free service in more countries in the future.

If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to
contact our support team. (support@spotify.com)

The Spotify team.

Nebegalėsiu klausytis muzikos ;( Gal yra koks būdas toliau naudotis "Spotify"? ;)


  1. Yra, nupirk 10 litų papildymą ir pasakysiu. Pats naudojuos Spotify free account jau 4 mėnesius. :)


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